Logon failure

Mar 25, 2014 at 7:25 PM
Edited Mar 25, 2014 at 7:28 PM
Hi people.
I hope someone follow this blog too.

I'm trying to use skydrivesync to understand how the SkyDriveWebClient framework (v0.8.10) works.

I early found a couple of problems in the framework.
The first was a bug in a regex and I fixed it.

Unfortunately for the second seems I haven't chance because the LogOn() searches a js code in the responseString but that js doesn't exist.
Match matchLogOnPostBackUrl = RegexHelper.Match(RegexLogOnPostBackUrl, responseString);
Uri uriLogOnPostBack = UriHelper.GetUri(HtmlDocumentHelper.DecodeJavascriptString(
The regex that fails the match is
/// The regular expression to parse a postback URL from JavaScript to log on.
private static readonly Regex RegexLogOnPostBackUrl = new Regex("var\\s+srf_uPost\\s*=\\s*'(?<URL>[^']+)';");
The unmatchable string is the "var srf_uPost".

Now the questions are: why the responseString is not as it is expected?
Is SkyDriveWebClient v0.8.10 an older version and there is one more recent?
If not, how can I workaround the problem?

I hope that someone can help me, in any case...

Ciao By Nick (Italy)