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As some of you might have noticed this project has not been active for more than a year. Due to high workload, I can no longer maintain the code base. This project is dependent on an unofficial SkyDrive API on Codeplex, which means every time the API is updated, I have to be update my project too. Furthermore Microsoft announced the release of the SkyDrive API at the Build conference in September 2011. Windows 8 is likely to be loosely integrated with SkyDrive storage and Live ID. Given those announcements SkyDrive Sync would have to be partially re-written.

I would be more than happy to hand over the maintenance duties to someone who has time up their sleeve to look after the project.

Project Description
SkyDrive Synchronizer is a C# command line application that helps users synchronize a local folder to a specific location on their SkyDrive. The aim is to also make it usable on Linux via Mono.
The code is still under development; some features are still missing.

How to get started
To launch the application make sure you type in the correct information in the ConsoleApplication1.exe.config. That would include your user name and password, the source folder containing your files to Synchronize, your SkyDrive destination folder and the timeout. Read the Getting Started section in the documentation for more information.

Latest version update!
Latest version released on 2nd of May 2010 includes
  • Upload and Download
  • Synchronize updated files
  • Delete files on web/locally if not in source
  • Split larger files into smaller ones for easier transfer and to store files larger than 50mb
  • Scheduler

Running on Linux
To run the application on Linux, make sure you have Mono version 2.6.1 or later installed.
Download the application, update the config file and run the executable by typing mono API.WindowsLive.SkyDrive.exe. It is as simple as that.
Read this section from the documentation for more information on how to get it running on Linux from scratch starting from a live CD.

This application is using the SkyDrive .Net API libraries. Those APIs heavily depend on the SkyDrive web interface. If Microsoft changes the web interface, it could potentially break the APIs (partially or entirely) making this application behave abnormally.
We undertake no responsibility for any loss that may result from the use of this application. SkyDrive Synchronizer is provided as is with no guarantees.

Read the documentation for more information about the application and some of the current limitations.

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